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  1. How Can You Make Secure Payments for Your Order? At Uoobox, we offer two trusted online payment options: PayPal and Stripe (Credit/Debit Cards). These platforms are renowned for their robust security and payment fraud protection. You can conveniently use Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express, and Diners Club for payments. If you choose to pay with PayPal, please note that payments from your bank account are also accepted, though this may slightly delay the processing of your order.

  2. I Don't Use USD; Can I Pay in My Own Currency? Absolutely! We accept all currencies. When you make a payment, you'll see the final amount in USD, but you'll actually be charged in your local currency. This conversion is done without any additional charges.

  3. Do I Need to Worry About Customs Duties? Customs duties are beyond our control. Based on our experience, only a minimal 0.03% of packages incur tariffs. While some countries impose import taxes and duties upon customs clearance (albeit very few), we take measures to optimize your experience. We consolidate your items into a single package and declare a reasonably low value to facilitate smooth customs clearance. This approach generally works well for our items. However, in the rare event that you are subject to unexpected taxes, we regretfully cannot cover these expenses. Such charges are the responsibility of the buyer. Once the package is shipped to you, Uoobox is not liable for these additional fees. To avoid any unexpected charges, we strongly advise contacting your local customs office to inquire about the current duty rates and taxes before placing an order.

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At Intense Sensation, we take pride in delivering products of exceptional quality. Discover how our unwavering commitment to excellence ensures that every purchase exceeds your expectations